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The Retention Accelerator Solves Problems


You know that you need to move faster with customer retention improvements, but you are not sure you are focussed on the right things. The Retention Accelerator leverages a set of systems based on thinking from 50 of the greatest retention minds in the world, over 100 cutting edge case studies and 60,000 hours of practical retention experience to improve retention performance in any subscription business:

  • Extend tenure
  • Reduce churn
  • Improve CLV
  • Grow ARPU
  • Acquire customers that spend more and stay longer
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10X Retention Impact - Really? 

Prospects sometimes ask how we can claim a 10X retention impact. The first question we ask is: do you know your current incremental retention impact? Often, the answer is no, which is why the Retention Accelerator starts with measurement. If yes, it's usually 0.5%, 1%, or 2%.

Leveraging Retention Accelerator systems, we can 10X your current incremental retention impact. This does not mean we will reduce your annual churn rate from 90% to 9%, it means we improve your current incremental impact, from 0.5, 1%, 2% to 5%, 10%, 20% or more. 

And we have done it before for many brands. In Tom's last 3 roles he has delivered over $200m incremental revenue from retention initiatives and in the short time retention coach has been live, we have already 7X'd subscribers for a hypnotherapy app and are on to track to 10X subscribers in the next few months. 

10XING Subscribers for a Hypnotherapy Mobile App


"Tom's support has transformed my business from one that was regularly making a loss, to one that is nearly self funded in just 4 months. In that time together, we have re-priced the product, built new product conversion journeys, developed an entirely new creative strategy and campaign,  implemented a comprehensive CRM Marketing program to support conversion and retention, resolved multiple tech issues and implemented new Martech. All this has increased average subscriber tenure and resulted in a 7X increase in subscribers since December '23, with a run rate to get to a 10X improvement in the next 2-3 months. " June, '24

- Aaron Surtees, Founder & CEO, Subconsciously Hypnotherapy Mobile App


"Tom has had a huge positive impact on the business transforming the retention team to become data driven, commercially minded business leaders and pushing all around him to be better." Nov, 23

- Nick Nordarishvilli, Head of CRM, DAZN Japan

"Tom is formidable, innovative, inspirational, smart and extremely hard working."

- Phil Richardson, Salesforce Technical Architect

"Brainstorming is always a joy with Tom - you will be sure to find intelligent, unique solutions to business challenges, and learn something new along the way."

-Firas Wahida, Client Partner, TikTok

How It Works

The Retention Accelerator is a 12-week program, starting with a Retention Assessment to identify the current baseline, retention weak points and optimisation opportunities.  In weeks 2-4, selecting from our proven library of systems, frameworks and tools, we develop the bespoke Retention Accelerator for your business, leveraging the most appropriate case studies and learnings to fast track your retention performance. In week 4-5, we move to socialisation and execution. 

Systems, not Goals Drive Results

Irrespective of the retention problem we have built a proven system within the Retention Accelerator to solve that problem. Find your problem, click the plus to view an overview of the solution and book a consultation to find out more. 


Need Retention Execution Resources?

Alongside the Retention Accelerator, we offer a lean agency model for bespoke projects or retained work inc. analytics, data science, design, copywriting, creative, brand, technology, CRM marketing operations, mobile and web development. Book an appointment to discuss. 


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