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Retention is complex because it touches Marketing, Product, Pricing, CX, Customer Service, and Data. Improving quickly and efficiently requires leaders to focus on the right customers at the right moments. Do this well and you have fast track route to efficient growth that doesnt require burning $$$ on acquisition marketing. HBR & Bain estimate improving churn by 5% can increase profit by between 25%-95%. We leverage proven systems to identify the right customers and moments to drive rapid retention led growth.


How We Do It

Retention Accelerator

12-weeks, rapid impact. Ideal for subscription business of all sizes. 


Bespoke Consultancy 

Businesses of all types that need help with a specific retention issue. 


Retention Courses

For Retention, CRM & CX practitioners, cohort based on subscription. COMING SOON. 


10X Retention Impact. For Real. 

Our experience tells us that combinations of retention initiatives add up to a big impact. Depending on your starting point, we commit to improving your current incremental retention impact from 0.5%, 1%, or 2% to 5%, 10%, or 20% or more. We have done this before for many brands, including Coca-Cola, Mastercard, Manchester United, DAZN, and over 30 others.

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10XING Subscribers for a Hypnotherapy Mobile App


"Tom's support has transformed my business from one that was regularly making a loss, to one that is self funded in just 5 months. In that time together, we have re-priced the product, built new product conversion journeys, developed an entirely new creative strategy and campaign,  implemented a comprehensive CRM Marketing program to support conversion and retention, resolved multiple tech issues and implemented new Martech. All this has increased average subscriber tenure and resulted in a 7X increase in subscribers since December '23, with a run rate to get to a 10X improvement in the next 2-3 months. " June, '24

- Aaron Surtees, Founder & CEO, Subconsciously Hypnotherapy Mobile App

Building Retention Strategies for an AI SAS Start-Up


"Tom has worked with us to develop strong retention and churn prevention strategies for our AI SaaS startup, which helped us enhance our product. Highly recommend working with Tom!" June, '24

- Nikolai Skelbo, Chief Operating Officer, Subsets AI


"Tom has had a huge positive impact on the business transforming the retention team to become data driven, commercially minded business leaders and pushing all around him to be better."

- Nick Nordarishvilli, Head of CRM, DAZN Japan


"I look up to Tom as a leader of digital business, taking all clients to the next level and transforming them in ways they never thought of."

- Humza Ijaz, Managing Director, Accenture Song


"I had the pleasure of working with for over two years and he enriched my understanding and application of data science and analytics."

- Ross Mckenna, Head of CRM, Klarna


"Tom is formidable, innovative, inspirational, smart and extremely hard working."

- Phil Richardson, Salesforce Technical Architect


"Brainstorming is always a joy with Tom - you will be sure to find intelligent, unique solutions to business challenges, and learn something new along the way."

- Firas Wahida, Client Partner, TikTok


"Tom is the best CRM planner I have ever worked with and a great partner on all strategy projects."

- Charlotte Mulley, Head of Strategy, Mullen Lowe


The Retention Accelerator

The Retention Accelerator is backed by insights from over 50 top retention experts, over 100 innovative case studies, 60,000 hours of practical experience, and more than 1,000 hours of dedicated effort.

It is designed to elevate retention performance in any subscription-based business by extending tenure, reducing churn, improving CLV, growing ARPU, and attracting long-term, high-value customers.

The 12-week program begins with a comprehensive Retention Assessment to identify existing retention challenges and optimisation opportunities. Weeks 2-4 are dedicated to developing the bespoke Retention Accelerator for your business using our proven strategies, frameworks, and tools. Weeks 4-5 focus on socialization and execution to rapidly enhance your retention performance.

It doesn't matter what your Martech stack is like or how big your team is. We need access to summarised customer data and visibility on your existing retention programs, that is all. 


Retention Strategy Coaching & Consultancy


Customer Value Management:

Customer Lifetime Value  

80% of brands measure incorrectly. We help you to measusre CLV correctly. 

ARPU Growth

Maximise upsell and cross sell across all your customer touch-points. 


Make customer choice easier and 6X conversion / cross-sell / up-sell. 

Customer Led Growth

Leverage existing customers to drive growth through referrals and leverage strategies to acquire for value, not CPA. 


Retention & Churn Interventions:

Moments of Truth

Understand what they are for your brand and develop appropriate retention strategies.  

Behavioural change

Nudge customers to do what you want: stay and spend more. 


The most effective anti-churn program you will ever build. 

CRM Marketing 

Leverage CRM to become embedded in customers lives. 

Retention Organisation:

Customer Love 

Strategies to enable you to be extremely attentive to your most valuable customers, while reducing cost in the rest. 

Save Teams 

Build teams that save customers intending to cancel. 

Retention Driven Customer Service

Empower Customer Service to know when to activate retention protocols and for who. 

MarTech & CXTech

Solution evaluation support to maximise commerical retention outcomes. 


Data & Measurement Strategy:

Focussed Measurement strategies 

Drive commercial results and reduce noise. 

Experimentation Fast Track

You don't want an experiment, you want a result. Get 80% of outcome with 20% effort. 


Efforts focussed on 'Moments of Truth' and based on customer need.  


Leverage generative and predictive AI to maximise retention outcomes. 

Systems, not Goals Drive Results

Irrespective of the retention problem we have built a proven system to solve that problem. Find your problem, click the plus to view an overview of the solution and book a discovery call to find out more. 


Need Retention Execution Resources?

Alongside the Retention Accelerator or bespoke consultancy engagements, we offer a lean agency model for bespoke projects or retained work inc. analytics, data science, design, copywriting, creative, brand, technology, CRM marketing operations, mobile and web development. Book a call to discuss. 


Hi, I'm Tom

  • Retention Coach / Consultant
  • 60,000 hours practical retention experience
  • 30+ retention clients¬†
  • 100+ case studies benchmarked¬†
  • 50 Global retention leaders engaged and studied inc. global leaders in CLV, NPS, CRM, Base Management, Membership etc.¬†

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