Hi, I'm Tom. I believe that the customer retention opportunity is significantly under leveraged in most organisations. It costs between 5 - 25 times more to acquire a customer than to retain one, yet in most business, 90%+ of budget is spent on acquisition, even when churn is high and customer bases are large. The worlds mega brands (Amazon, Spotify, Netflix, Google) focus on holistic retention and acquisition marketing. They understand that the key to rocket ship growth lies in keeping existing customers.Ā 

I have spent 25 years in retention & CRM marketing, digital & mobile strategy, customer science, personalisation and retention CX transformation. I have consulted to multiple global brands and in my last 3 client side roles led retention, CRM, subscription & marketing transformationĀ programs drivingĀ almost $200 million dollarsĀ p.a. cumulatively.Ā 

I am available for keynote presentations around key topics covered inĀ the retention accelerator such as CLV, Customer Love, Moments of Truth, ARPU growth and more.Ā 

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