Retention Mastermind Course


Leveraging the Retention Accelerator Operating System, the Retention Mastermind course will include 20+ hours of short form 10-20 minute video lessons, to be used as a reference to enable you to maximise your retention impact. The course will be available on subscription and includes access to monthly Q&A calls with the instructor. 

Cohort driven admissions, with the first admissions starting in Q1 2025.  


CRM Marketing 2.0


In November 2023, we launched a CRM Marketing course on Udemy and within 3 weeks, over 1140 students had taken the program. The program received multiple 4 and 5 star reviews and was widely acclaimed, culminating in internal distribution rights for a CRM Marketing tech vendor. We plan to launch 2.0 of this course in 2024, join the waiting list and tell us what you would like to see from the enhanced version of the program.

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Testimonials for the CRM Marketing 1.0 course, which gathered over 1140 students in Q4 2023: 


Alaa khaddour

"I have worked in CRM for many years and this course has given me more information on the strategic framework in 1.5 hours than I've picked up in my previous roles."


Darren Kunar

"A straightforward yet powerful guide through the complexities of managing customer relationships. Its simplicity makes it incredibly easy to follow...The resources provided are user-friendly, adding practicality to the learning experience, making it a valuable asset for anyone seeking effective CRM strategies."



Tobey Bonney

"With 9 years of CRM experience, I wasn't sure how much I would gain from this course, however I have to really give Tom praise for what he has done here and would recommend to CRM professionals, whatever their level."


Michael Lavoie

"Very relevant content presented in a clear and simple framework. The presenter's knowledge and experience are evident, but more importantly the content is presented in a logical format making it easier to apply. A nice balance of strategic guidance and actionable recommendations."


Patrick Zurcher

"This course is well structured and does an amazing job of breaking down CRM Marketing in an understandable way. Tom explains concepts and procedures (e. g. how to do proper research, testing, and analytics) more comprehensively than any other marketing course I've taken.."